Fishin' with the 'Dads

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

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The Hickory Crawdads were treated to a Bass Fishing Tournament on their rare day off where they weren't on the road to some far-away city for a game.  I tagged along with them and made some photos throughout the day...

Fishin' with the Crawdads

Ashby Knack (Director of Community Relations) and Jake Kaase (infielder) were on a boat with Stacey Richards... Ashby and Jake took first place in today's tournament with a total of five fish weighing a combined 18.51 pounds...

Fishin' with the Crawdads

Jake Kaase hauled in the biggest fish of the day weighing in at 4.81 lbs...

Fishin' with the Crawdads

Manager Hector Ortiz and Pitching Coach Brad Holman were on a boat with Matt Goins... Hector and Brad turned in third place with a combined weight of 9.55 pounds and 5 fish...

Fishin' with the Crawdads

Mike Bianucci and Matt West with boat driver Darin Sigmon turned in second place with a combined weight of 10.8 pounds and five fish...

CLICK HERE if you would like to view a short slideshow of all the photos from today's fishing tournament...

John M. Setzler, Jr.


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